TDI Drager Dolphin Diver


The TDI Semi-Closed Circuit Rebreather course is the ideal course for photographers, cold water divers or anybody wishing to enjoy a quieter dive and closer interaction with marine life. The course is unit specific covering the Drager Dolphin SCR Rebreather. The TDI Introduction to Semi-Closed Circuit Rebreathers manual takes you through a step by step process of the history and theory of SCR’s, how the units work, and provides setup and cleaning check lists.

The SCR course topics and skills include:

System mechanics
Nitrox review
Gas physiology
Bailout scenarios
Pre and post dive system checks

Typical Schedule:

Day 1: Theory, familiarization with a SCR unit, and confined water session in the afternoon.
Day 2: 2 dives
Day 3: 2 dives

Qualifications Of Graduates

Graduates will be qualified to dive the Drager Dolphin to a maximum depth of 130 feet within no decompression limits.

Prerequisites For Entering The Course

Diver Certification. The preferred minimum certification level is NAUI Advanced Diver or higher.
Experience: Documentation of diving experience with a minimum of 50 logged open water dives. Dives shall be varied in environment, depth and activities.

How Much Does It Cost?

The TDI Drager Dolphin SCR Course costs $300 for a group class and private courses are available. We schedule students together for group classes whenever possible unless a private class is specifically requested. Military and Public Service discounts are also available.


Once you become a Drager Dolphin SCR diver you may want to complete your journey to the dark side by becoming a full closed circuit rebreather diver!

Maximum depth for the course: 130 feet.